FrostWire 6.9

Search and download files from the BitTorrent network and cloud sources

FrostWire is an all-in-one application that allows for searching the Internet, managing downloads and playing media files, but most importantly, it’s a BitTorrent client, which means that it lets you share large files over the Internet without needing to upload them to a server. Instead, the selected files are divided into small chunks that are available to other users of the network. The tool has a nice tabbed and intuitive interface. However, users with little experience in working with torrents may feel confused at first.

When searching the Internet, the application can not only connect to commonly used media-sharing sites as YouTube, SoundCloud and but also to about ten torrent search engines, and display the results in condensed form. This avoids the necessity of using a web browser or memorizing the URLs of those engines. Additionally, you can create filters that exclude certain words from your searches. Once you’ve got the results, you can easily pick the files to download. In the case of torrents, you can check the whole package or just some portions of it. Fortunately, YouTube and SoundCloud contents can be streamed and previewed before completely downloading them.

The whole idea behind using the BitTorrent protocol is sharing. So, it’s considered polite to share the contents of some of the local folders. Moreover, you can also create new torrents and send specific files or folders. Besides, the program lets you also decide to continue seeding files that have already been downloaded. However, you should be aware that while you’re downloading contents, they are in turn being shared with other users. You shouldn't be worried about the program’s interfering with the available bandwidth, because you can easily adjust transfer speeds to meet your needs.

FrostWire creates a media library from which you can play individual files or create playlists. It can even import songs you downloaded from iTunes. More than just that, it has a built-in player supporting a large array of media formats.

In general, FrostWire is quite effective in letting you find, share and download multiple types of data. The results of the searches are comprehensive and accurate, and the download speeds - reasonable. However, there is one thing I don’t like about this tool: sometimes it takes to long to respond to clicks, which feels as if the program is unresponsive.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It supports searching on multiple sites
  • It has multiple features
  • It allows for setting search filters
  • It has a built-in media player


  • Some users claim that the program purposefully and inadvertently filters search results
  • It requires knowing how to work with torrents
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