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FrostWire 4.1 will search and download any type of file for you
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FrostWire 4.1 will search and download any type of file for you in the smartest way. This real time download accelerator will streamline your search for audio, video, images, documents, programs and other file types and optimize your network bandwidth for quicker, easier and safer downloads. This windows based client allows the user to easily share, search and download all media files like; music, movies, books and any other files with ease.
FrostWire integrates seamlessly with your download core and can automatically optimize your web bandwidth and connection setting for achieving acceleration by 200%. The tool is supported with advanced technology that manages smartly the scheduling of disconnection from Internet and PC shutdown after all downloads, the tool manages faster downloading from multiple sources of network, automatically resumes broken downloads, full integration with itunes, its bit torrent and peer to peer support easier file sharing, facilitates un-interrupted community chatting, facilitates junk result filters, allows firewall to firewall transfers, proxy supports, your download speed is turbo charged, and the favorite feature integrated in the tool are it is free from any types of adware or spyware.

Krishna Vulisetti
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  • Its free from any types of adware or spyware


  • Chances of making your system vulnerable to intruders
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